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Efecto de los Gastrocnemios (Gemelos) sobre la Fascia Plantar

02 de marzo de 2015

(The Effect of the Gastrocnemius on the Plantar Fascia)


Although anatomic and functional relationship has been established between the gastrocnemius muscle, via the Achilles tendon, and the plantar fascia, the exact role of gastrocnemius tightness in foot and plantar fascia problems is not completely understood.

This article summarizes past and current literature linking these 2 structures and gives a mechanical explanation based on functional models of the relationship between gastrocnemius tightness and plantar fascia.

The effect of gastrocnemius tightness on the sagittal behavior of the foot is also discussed.

Artículo completo: http://www.foot.theclinics.com/article/S1083-7515(14)00100-4/abstract
Autor: Javier Pascual Huerta, PhDemail
Published Online: September 25, 2014

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