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Complicaciones intraoperatorias y perioperatorias durante la cirugía de revisión de Prótesis de Tobillo Fallida

28 de febrero de 2015

(Intraoperative and Perioperative Complications During Revision Arthroplasty for Salvage of a Failed Total Ankle Arthroplasty)


Background: Revision of a failed total ankle arthroplasty (TAA) remains a challenge. Advances in total ankle implant design have renewed interest in revision TAA as an alternative to ankle arthrodesis or amputation in the management of a failed TAA. The purpose of our study was to review a series of failed Agility TAA revised to INBONE II TAA and identify reasons for revision as well as perioperative complications.

Methods: A retrospective review of 35 cases of failed Agility TAA revised to an INBONE II TAA was performed at 1 institution. Patient demographics, indications for revision, radiographs, and complications were reviewed. The average follow-up was 9.1 months (range, 0-28 months). All revisions were performed by 1 of 2 foot and ankle surgeons familiar with both prostheses.

Results: The Agility TAA lasted a mean of 6.7 years prior to revision to an INBONE II TAA. Revision TAA was indicated due to mechanical loosening, osteolysis, periprosthetic fracture, and a dislocated prosthesis. Adjunctive procedures were performed in 31 of 35 cases. There were 6 intraoperative and 5 acute postoperative complications, leading to an overall 31.4% complication rate. There was 1 patient with continued pain postoperatively who underwent a second revision of the INBONE II 20 months postoperatively.

Conclusion: Revision TAA was a viable treatment option for failed TAA. A high risk of perioperative complications remains, and physicians should be aware of the challenges that occur during these procedures in order to plan for them preoperatively.

Level of Evidence: Level IV, retrospective case series.

Foot & Ankle International February 2015 vol. 36 no. 2 135-142

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